CRR Nice


At the age of nine, Françoise Chaffiaud entered the Conservatoire de Toulouse where she graduated at eleven. She immediately entered the CNSM de Paris in Yvonne Lefébure’s course, by playing Beethoven’s Opus 109 and Debussy’s l’isle Joyeuse. Yvonne Lefébure had been passing down the French composer’s tradition of that time, particularly of Maurice Ravel’s whom she had been a pupil and the principal interprete. She taught her the various touches and the subtle science of pedals. Yvonne Lefébure said of Françoise Chaffiaud: “She is my disciple.”

At the age of 13, Françoise Chaffiaud entered the Ecole Normale de Paris. Her professors were André Boucourchliev, Georges Dandelot and Alfred Cortot. She played in many of Alfred Cortot piano masterclasses where he taught her “the love of sound” and the interiority of Romantic music. This is where she obtained the teaching music degree at fourteen.
At sixteen, Françoise Chaffiaud received the piano prize and several other degrees (sight-reading, music writing, chamber music) from the CNSM where she also worked with Jean Hubeau, Genevieve Joy, Pierre Revel.

Françoise Chaffiaud then studied in London with Enrique Barenboïm and in Rome with the Argentine master Fausto Zadra, from Scaramuzza’s Academy. She played in Europe, United States, China and Japan. She played with the conductors: Philippe Bender, Roberto Benzi, Pierre Colombo, Pierre Dervaux, Michel Fournier, Louis Fremaux, Igor Markevitch, Pol Mule, Pierre Petit, Edouard Van Remoortel, Luben Yordanoff. She played with the flautist Alain Marion, the violinist Nicolas Risler, and the cellist Emilia Baranovska. She worked with singers such as Montserrat Caballe, Jose Carreras, Andrée Esposito, Julien Haas, Katia Ricciarelli, Jose Van Dam and the director Margareta Walmann. She played jazz with Claude Bolling and from the present composers: Sergio Calligaris and Dimitri Kristoff.

Her recordings: Bach (Syrius), Beethoven-Mozart-Schumann, were selected by Diapason, Piano Magazine and the Académie Charles Cros. She recorded Schubert and French music with Parnassie. She divides her time between her teaching activities and her concerts in France and abroad. She was a teacher in a Paris Conservatoire and in the CRR de Nice.

She has regularly created piano masterclasses in France, Europe, China and Japan. She is passionate about the pianistic science, seeking for sound volumes, the appropriate use of body positions according to the expression, virtuosity, strength or lightness in interpretation work.

She has also taught in the AIEN under the direction of Jacques Taddeï’s, Olivier Gardon’s and now, Marie-Josèphe Jude.